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Let our team help you design and produce the best product for your needs. Our unique molding systems allow us to custom tailor a product exclusively for your brand, often with little to no tooling costs. Thats a huge advantange when you need it most.


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The Prothotics family of orthotics have been biomechanically designed to meet the exacting standards used by many professional footcare providers. Designed by a group of leading medical professionals, Prothotics provide a cost-effective method for treatment of many clinical pathologies diagnosed by podiatrists, and other footcare professionals. These biomechanically designed orthotics go beyond standard cushion insole products. They offer a cost-saving, first step treatment option. Prothotics can relieve many existing conditions and help prevent the development of future ortho/footcare problems. Prothotics insoles are also the product of choice for industrial/safety applications. Studies have shown the benefits of a good supportive, cushioning insole. USPS studies show our Professional insole to relieve pain and reduce fatigue. This translates into a happier worker and can actually improve employee health. View our newest line of ProSole or Prothotics aftermarket insole products. These products are designed to comform to the individual wearer while offering ultimate cushioning. The Stability products offer additional support for the more active activities. As a custom formulator of polyurethane materials, we can formulate a system specific for your application. Let our design team help start your project today!
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